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 Delivery of Landscape Material

All About Stone LLC. can take care of all your delivery needs. We have multiple trucks that are well maintained and ready to deliver any of our products to your home or jobsite. Below is a list of things to keep in mind when ordering material to be delivered.

Delivery Times
The nature of our business prevents us from being tied to an exact delivery time. We can schedule an A.M. or P.M. delivery seven days a week and can provide after hour deliveries but please be mindful when ordering material that traffic is a huge factor in delivering material and can cause a chain of effect for what is scheduled the rest of the day. We recommend setting up a delivery a day prior to needing material to avoid wasting your valuable time on your project.

Release of Liability
Drivers will not back across concrete drives, sidewalks, ect. or proceed onto the property until the invoice (release form) is signed. The customer is financially responsible for any property damage.

Tailgate Spreading
We can sometimes do tailgate spreading in driveways or any areas that are hard, level, and relatively flat. We do not guarantee we can tailgate spread any area. The decision is left totally up to the driver that takes the load. (Tailgate spreading is a method of dumping materials while the truck is moving forward to cover a large area rather than dumping the entire load in one spot.)

All of our trucks need a minimum of ten feet of width clearance. Allow an additional three feet if obstacles are of mirror height (7 1/2 feet). Trucks also need  27 feet of clearance height on our 12 yard dump truck, 14 feet of clearance height to dump their loads.

Truck Load Capacities
• Small Dump Truck – Maximum of 3 cubic yards.
• Big Dump Truck– Maximum of 12 cubic yards.
• Flatbed with Moffet (forklift)-up to eleven pallets of material depending on weights.

Note: We have two 1 yard buckets for the flat bed and two 1 1/2 yard buckets. These can be used instead of pallets to carry aggregates on your load .